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From Peru to Malaysia, there are still many fascinating places a family can travel in style, even lavishly and still spend less than $100 per day. All the vacation sites in Europe and other developed nations are far expensive than some of the Asian and African countries.

People planning to take a vacation and that too which can prove cost-effective should opt for vacation locales in countries like Argentina, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico, Honduras Islands, Thailand, Egypt and the Czech Republic. All these countries are comparatively cheaper and offer the same attractive locales which any other country would.

One can opt for a cheap hotel or hostel which might cost less than $15. There are also discount packages in various hotels which also include the air travel and car rental. The food is also cheap and the visitors will have to dole out less then 8 dollars on every meal.

The airlines too offer great discounts on flights operating in these countries and with a few inquiries people can get their money’s worth.

The All Inclusive Vacations site is the perfect place to look out for cheap vacations and the various offers being given by the hotels, airlines and car rentals.

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We offer complete packages as well as cheap deals on air tickets, cabins anywhere in the world. Our extensive listings cover not only big cities, but also small towns, so you are assured of finding what you are looking for. The online servers at AllInclusive-Vacations.com are as per industry standards, so your information always remain secure and in safe hands! So, check out AllInclusive-Vacations.com and start planning for your holiday today!