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  • City Attraction

Acapulco City Tour
Acapulco City Tour The Acapulco city tour takes you to the most interesting points and historic venues in Acapulco. First you will be taken along the scenic highway, where you can click few shots of the beautiful Acapulco bay. The trip also includes sightseeing of the main square and the hotel zone. Fort of San Diego Historical Museum, Hotel Los Flamingos, Chapel of Peace and Princess Hotel are some of the popular sites one will be touring during Acapulco city tour.
Cliff Divers at Night
Cliff Divers at Night A trip to Acapulco is not complete until you witness the fearless cliff divers of La Quebrada! This exciting evening takes place at the La Perla restaurant, which overlooks the cliffs from where the daring cliff divers of Acapulco risk their lives every night. The divers climb to a height of over 90 feet, pray at the altar of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, and dive off the cliff at the precise moment when the tide brings in the large waves! Seeing the cliff divers in Acapulco is a memorable experience and has been one of the main attractions of the city.
Coyuca Lagoon Tour
Coyuca Lagoon Tour Coyuca Lagoon is one of the most picturesque and colorful parts of Acapulco. This area is famous for its tropical vegetation and has been the location for many Hollywood movies. This beautiful fresh water lagoon is considered to be one of the most important natural attractions of Acapulco. This picturesque lagoon is thick with palms, water hyacinths and native flora and is known as a paradise for birds with over 250 species. Cruise through the Coyuca Lagoon by boat, and even stop at an area restaurant to enjoy steaks, salads, fresh fish and tropical fruits!
Shotover Jet Acapulco
Shotover Jet Acapulco Shotover Jets is one of the major tourist attractions of Acapulco. At this speed-boat tour one can travel few centimeters above the water, along the edges of the Papagayo River. This 3 hour Jet ride passes through beautiful natural sights, as well as wonderful works of architecture, such as the long and high Papagayo Bridge and beautiful De la Venta dam. Board the state-of-the-art Shotover Jet that can reach speeds of nearly 50 miles per hour and hold on tight as you are whisked away across the lagoon performing 360 degree spins and hair pin turns. It is a remarkable combination of speed, skill and amazing maneuverability.
Cici Aqua Park
Cici Aqua Park CiCi Waterpark, along the bay of Acapulco is a family theme park with great wave pools, toboggan, water attractions and a swimming with dolphins program. Touching, swimming, and playing with the intelligent creatures like the dolphins is a truly incredible experience the Cici aqua park offers to kids and adults. The CiCi waterpark is located on the main avenue of Acapulco, next to the beach and the Convention center of Acapulco. There is a children's area, wave pool and water tubes and the famous skycoaster ride, which takes you soaring above the park.
  • Beaches
Caleta Beach
Caleta Beach Caleta Beach is in shape of a horse shoe, which is located in the heart of the economic section of Acapulco. The waves in this beach are calm hence swimming here is easier and safer. This draws many local families with their kids at this beach. Caleta Beach is actually an artificial beach and the sand is imported from elsewhere. There are many nice restaurants, shops, and hotels nearby and it can be a good place for people to base themselves for a trip to Acapulco. It is only 45 minutes away from Acapulco airport & most city attractions.
Condesa Beach
Condesa Beach Condesa Beach is one of the most popular and convenient beaches in Acapulco. The Beach is also one of the most photographed spot in the whole city. Lying right near the heart of the city, the beach area of Condesa is between the bungee jump and La Gran Plaza. One can take part in a wide variety of water sports activities like surfing, parasailing etc and there are plenty of shops offering these types of activities. Just off the beach you will find dance venues and there is also a lively gay scene in the area.
Hornos Beach
Hornos Beach Closer to the center of town, Hornos beach has calmer waves and is a popular beach for the local population. This is a favorite choice for people who prefer it over the busier beaches in the "golden Zone". The sea is a lot calmer here which makes it a great bathing area for the whole family. It is also surrounded by exotic palm trees that provide some welcome shade for visitors; something that you will be grateful for as the day heats up. At the beach one can indulge in few activities like family picnic, swimming, and enjoy playing beach football or volleyball with the locals.
Puerto Marques
Puerto Marques The Puerto Marques Beach is about fifteen minutes away from the international airport, just near to Revolcadero Beach. This beach offers a very cozy feel and is a lot smaller than the beaches in the Golden Zone. The beach lies in a natural bay, surrounded by lush jungle and mangrove that just adds to the exotic feel of the place. There are some very reasonable accommodation facilities with cheap and delicious meals at the beach. Water sport activities including a banana boat, snorkeling and jet ski can be done here.
Revolcadero Beach
Revolcadero Beach The Revolcadero Beach is very convenient for locals and tourists which lies in the Diamond Zone of Acapulco. This beach is right in front of the most famous hotel in the city, the Fairmont Acapulco Princess. This is the beach where the crowd of Acapulco hangs out in abundance. This is a nice place to go swimming and the waves tend to be quite easy to manage. Some people do choose to surf here, and the waves can be good for this at times. Revolcadero is about twenty five minutes away from the international airport.
  • Shore Excursions
Ancient Petroglyphs of Palma Sola
Ancient Petroglyphs of Palma Sola

Enjoy a guided excursion tour to Palma Sola, an archaeological site situated 1,000 feet above sea level in El Veladero National Park, overlooking the beautiful Acapulco Bay. This site is located deep in a forest up a mountainside northeast of Old Acapulco. The Palma Sola Archaeological site is one of 12 known petroglyphs sites in the Acapulco area. Palma Sola contains 18 petroglyphs dating from 200 BC to AD 600. The area is blanketed with 2,000-year-old petroglyphs executed by the Yopes, Acapulco's earliest known inhabitants. One can see ancient drawings, which range from simple stick figures to elaborate scenes of ancient life.

Captains Choice Snorkeling Adventure
XelCaptains Choice Snorkeling Adventure With the Captain's Choice Snorkeling Adventure, all are invited by the captain and dive master to the best snorkeling location of Acapulco. This adventure tour lets you enjoy a scenic cruise onboard your snorkel boat. Gaze at the east side of Acapulco Bay and the spectacular cliffs en route to Puerto Marquez Bay. One can snorkel right from your boat for approximately one hour. This tour offers the best chance to explore the transparent, warm waters adorned with colorful fish.
Kayaking at La Roqueta
Kayaking at La Roqueta

La Roqueta is a small island, located directly in from of Acapulco Bay, is a 10 minute boat ride from Caleta beach. Kayaking is a major activity here at La Roqueta Island. In the Island you can rent snorkeling gear, kayaks and other water-sports equipment on the beach. La Roqueta Island is considered a national reserve for its flora and fauna. You’ll find a wide variety of marine plants, wildlife, small coral formations, barnacles, gorgonians, sea stars, trumpet fishes, jacks, sea horses, turtles, whale sharks and manta rays.

Tehuacalco Archaeological Zone
Tehuacalco Archaeological Zone

The Tehuacalco Archaeological Zone is a popular excursion spot which is an hour drive from Acapulco. Tehuacalco Archaeological Zone, in Guerrero, is an ancient Yope ceremonial center, inaugurated in December 16th 2008. One can find some of the archaeoastronomical elements like pyramidal structures, petro glyphs and artificial caves at Tehuacalco. The backdrop of this place offers impressive and scenic view of the mountains and valleys. Tehuacalco lies between four prominent hills, marking the four cardinal points, which was important in the lives of the Yope. This is a place worth visiting.

Acapulco Helmet Dive
Acapulco Helmet Dive

Helmet diving is the easiest and most comfortable way to explore Cozumel’s under water wonders. A space-age astronaut-like helmet sits comfortably on your shoulders as a continuous flow of air provides breathing with ease and you stay dry from your head to your shoulders. There will be certified Sea Trek guides with you every step of the way for overall safety. At the 25-minute Acapulco Helmet Dive, you will explore beautiful corals and sea critters of all shapes and sizes. After the tour, you'll be able to enjoy complimentary snorkel equipment, as well as being within walking distance to downtown Cozumel and shopping centers.  

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